Things You Will Require On The HCG Diet

The HCG Diet is great for weight loss. Unlike other diets, it only helps reduce fat in the body.

However, for the full effectiveness of HCG Diet you need to ensure that you do not cheat on the HCG Diet.

And for you not to cheat on the HCG Diet it is important to have it plan. And for planning you need to have things prepared prior to starting HCG Diet.

Here are some important things to have it before hand:

Weighing Scale:

This is very important. Your weighing scale should be precise and accurate. Please do not buy a used one. As there is a possibility of damage to the measurement.

Opt for a digital weighing scale. Digital scales are more important than analog scale.

Food Scale:

With HCG diet you are restricting your calorie intake. This calorie intake should be precise too. Therefore, you need a food weighing scale. Before you prepare a meal weigh it and thereby you can calculate the calories present in it.

HCG Hormone:

HCG diet works best only with HCG hormone. The hormone can either be shot or HCG drops. Just ensure that the hormone is 100% pure.

Generally when you buy HCG drops they are homeopathic in nature. Therefore, if you are buying oral drops thenĀ  in most cases you will purchase homeopathic hcg drops only.


Every HCG Diet meal has protein included. And the best way to eat protein is to grill them. Buy a cheap grill as it will suffice. Do not spend too much money on this. You can also boil or steam your protein.

There you have it. This list is not comprehensive but will get you started on the HCG Diet. Most importantly, don’t cheat on the HCG Diet as it will affect your weight loss result.